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Welcome to Perpetual Motion, a newly started Alliance 10 man raid guild on Earthen Ring (EU), we are a Casual Guild who wants good and fun raids.

If you like to know more about us, there is an about us thread in the forums.

Important that all members read and reply in the "All Read" thread.

Do NOT use the same password as on WoW account!!!!!!

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Cataclysm is out and we start raiding again!

Nopliz, Dec 13, 10 11:41 AM.
Starting first raid on december 19th, go sign up everyone.

First Aid skill of atleast 500 seems to be mandatory for every raider in the new expansion, this is what is required to use the best bandages.

Bring flasks as usual, at this point of the game they are more imporatant then we are used to in ICC.

2 raids a week until Cataclysm

Nopliz, Nov 15, 10 4:22 AM.
We are going back to 2 raid days a week, also there will not be any raid the last week before cata.

Once cata is here and we are 85 most of us, we are going back to 3 days a week.

New site up!

Nopliz, Sep 27, 10 6:23 AM.
New site up, old one was broken after the big update.

Hopefully this one will be working, if you notice anything strange or have any questions, just use forum or shoutbox and we will help you out.

The new calendar is abit better then the old one, here we will confirm or put on wait list before the starts, so you can just check if you have a spot or not right here on the site in advance.

Go register and set up your accounts, hopefully we wont have to do this once again.
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